Rolex Datejust bracelet dilemma

Are you an Oyster or Jubilee type?

When choosing a Rolex, you have a whole variety of models and references to choose from. Are you a Datejust person? Or do you prefer the more sporty look of the iconic Daytona? Maybe the Milgauss fits your personality, as a somewhat witty choice. Going through all the models and references that Rolex offered over the years you realise that your options are endless.

When you finally have selected your favourite Rolex it doesn't end there. Because for many references, especially the Datejust, you have to make your decision on the bracelet. Choosing either a Jubilee or Oyster bracelet can be a tough choice, as both versions have reputations almost as iconic as the watches and go back the the 1940's.
Below we have selected two Datejust pieces, currently available on Watchbox. A reference 126300 in stainless steel with bleu dial in 41 mm with a Oyster bracelet ($8,950) and a 16220 in 36 mm with Jubilee bracelet ($5,950). Please pay attention to the magnificent grey dial on this one.

Are you a fan of the clean design of the Oyster, or do you prefer the more fancy Jubilee? Life is full of choices...
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