A light on Luminova. Why is it on your watch?

A light on Luminova. Why is it on your watch?

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Luminova on Watches: A Glowing Innovation

Luminova, a remarkable luminescent material, has revolutionized the world of watchmaking in recent decades. Its history, purpose, and application have made it an essential component for timepieces, particularly for those who rely on their watches in low-light conditions.

History of Luminova

The journey of luminous materials in watchmaking began in the early 20th century. Initially, radium-based paint was used, providing a long-lasting glow. However, radium's radioactive nature posed significant health risks, leading to its discontinuation by the mid-20th century. Subsequently, tritium, a less radioactive material, was used but still presented safety concerns and had a relatively short lifespan.

Luminova emerged in the 1990s as a groundbreaking alternative. Developed by the Japanese company Nemoto & Co., Ltd., Luminova is a non-radioactive, photoluminescent material. Unlike its predecessors, Luminova is safe for both manufacturers and wearers, and its glow is rechargeable through exposure to light.

Why Luminova Exists

The primary purpose of Luminova is to provide readability in low-light or dark environments. This is especially crucial for watches used by professionals such as divers, pilots, and military personnel, where visibility can be a matter of safety and performance.

Luminova's existence is driven by the need for a reliable, safe, and long-lasting luminescent solution. Its ability to recharge with light exposure and its non-toxic nature make it an ideal choice for modern watchmakers who prioritize both functionality and user safety.

Application in Watchmaking

Luminova is typically applied to the hands, hour markers, and sometimes bezels of watches. The process involves mixing Luminova with a binder and applying it in thin layers to the desired components. Once applied, these components are exposed to light, which charges the luminescent material.

In darkness Luminova emits a bright, long-lasting glow that can be sustained for several hours, depending on the amount of light it has absorbed. This glow fades gradually but can be recharged indefinitely by exposure to light, ensuring continued visibility in low-light conditions.

Today many watch brands apply luminova on their watches, especially on tool watches. Not only for is functionality, but also just for fun. Showing your watch glowing in the dark is fun and will definitely spark a conversation!