MB&F E-Shop offers you the last LM101 and HM03 Frog Ti

offered directly from Max Busser and his Friends

The year 2020 is one for the history books. In many ways things we are used to are changing, and sometimes it comes as a blessing in disguise. In many luxury watch brand communication strategies the containment period resulted in a discovery of social media as a direct communication channel, while the lockdown has put a lot of urgency on building an e-commerce strategy for many brands.
Max Busser and his friends, MB&F, have cleary taken action on both. Few CEO's have been more visible in Instagram Live activity, using the most important social network for luxury brands to engage directly with his audience to explain his drive, the ideas and the products of MB&F.

The MB&F E-shop is another step in closing the ties with prospective buyers under the motto "Treat your friends as you would like to be treated". If you are in the market for an MB&F, it's not about buying a product. It's about becoming part of Max Bussers friend circle: You want to be as close as possible.
For the first time in the MB&F E-shop two great timepieces are being offered right now. From the classically-sized Legacy Machine series a Platinum LM101 is for sale, number 33 out of a series of 33.
The LM101 embodies and accentuates the very essence of a mechanical wristwatch, and is an interpretation of how a watch would have been created in 1867, 100 years before Max Busser was born. Balance wheel, power reserve and mainspring do their job out in the open. An excellent piece, and the last one is available to you for CHF73,000 including worldwide shipping.

From the futuristic Horological Machines line the HM3 Frog Ti is available. The Frog may potray time in a playful manner, but there is nothing but serious and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the hand-finishing of the highly-tuned, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht-designed engine. Crafted in grade 5 titanium and with a blue 22k gold battle-axe winding rotor, this is the very essence of a Talking Piece on your wrist. The last Frog on the market is now available at CHF 91,000 at MB&F partner Westime in the USA, also including worldwide shipping.
This is your chance to join the exclusive circle of MB&F. Two very rare pieces, last in line, are now available directly to you in the MB&F E-Shop. An opportunity not to be missed..
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