casio g-shock GM-6900G 9ER

Take off your Rolex and get a G-Shock

The Ultimate Summer Watch

If you are a watch fan like me, you’ll be a bit of a snob. We both appreciate the good life and know our way in the world of luxury. When it comes to watches, we’re Connoisseurs. We deeply appreciate Rolex as the brand above all other brands, and Patek Philippe is the Non Plus Ultra in refinement and heritage. You’ll own both or at least are trying to get in that position.

Next step is to get hold of some icons that should fit the collection. Speedmaster? Sure. Reverso? You’ll need a dress watch right, so why not go for the ultimate icon? A little fun in life? Hublot’s Big Bang ticks that box. And we haven’t even touched the Royal Oak. If we go niche, a whole array of creative independent watch brands follow you in every taste and direction.

Yes, we have our wish lists, but also see what happens in the market. You’ll need to mortgage your house, sell your organs and find an extra job to fill in the above selection of icons. Or maybe you did already, and then you’re a lucky watch collector. Even if you are, you’ll know that every day Caviar is not good for the appetite, and especially in the summer months you need some variety.
Casio G-Shock
So take off your Rolex, and go for an icon that is unique and affordable. The Casio G-Shock. A G-Shock should be in every collection, for those summer days when you don’t want to bother about the value of your precious piece when you go to the beach. You wear your G-Shock, showing the world that you’re a watch fan that knows his stuff. But your collection is on holiday right now. And for the price of one decent lunch at your beach club your wrist is secured of the ultimate summer watch. Check our shop now…
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