Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF

Introducing the new titanium Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF

High frequency watchmaking and lightweight titanium meet Chopard's luxury sports watch

In 2019 Chopard introduced the Alpine Eagle collection, as their integrated bracelet sports watch made of either gold, steel and gold, or stainless steel. No matter the case material, the dial featured a stunning 'eagle iris' engraving that is reminiscent of the alpine eagles iris, which inspired this whole collection. After the time only model, Chopard has already introduced a Chronograph version and it was only a matter of time before we got to see another movement in this watch, which in this case is the brands in-house designed and manufactured calibre 01.12-C with a frequency of 8 Hz.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF

High frequency movements are nothing new for Chopard, as the brand has already shown its capabilities of designing and producing high frequency movements for a whole collection of watches. Therefore the brand is not new to the game, but certainly among the few brands utilizing such frequencies for their watches.

Using a high oscillation frequency for a sports watch has the big advantage of being more resistant to shocks in comparison to a lower frequency timepiece. This is because the higher frequency results in more oscillations and the potential shock induced error is eliminated faster as the watch takes less time to get back to its normal oscillation frequency. The frequency increase however results in several challenges the movement developers successfully tackled. First of all a watch that runs twice as much oscillations as most watches, obviously faces more tear on its components, which would result in a more regular need for service. Therefore the brand uses components made of monocrystalline silicon in order to reduce tear by reducing friction. The reduction of friction thanks to the use of silicon materials additionally eliminates another problem, which is the low power reserve of high frequency calibers, resulting in a more than decent power reserve of 60 hours. As one would expect from Chopard, the movement is beautifully finished, with a design complementing the sporty and sophisticated overall look of the timepiece.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF movement

As mentioned in the introduction, the case and bracelet are made of titanium, which is not only extremely lightweight, but also hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the material fits a technologically advanced movement rather well in my opinion. With brushed and polished parts, the case and bracelet have the same distinctive look as the other models of the Alpine Eagle collection. Complementing the 'Vals Grey eagle iris' dial, the brushed surface mimics the rough terrain of the alps, while creating a sporty and luxurious overall look.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF wristshot

I am a big fan of the Alpine Eagle collection, as well as the whole brand and genuinely adore what they are creating and doing for the watch industry. Chopard is a brand that is often going under the radar, but with the Cadence 8HF they have once again shown that they are among the best watchmakers this world has ever seen by combining exclusive haute horology with a marvellous and light high end sports watch. So, should you be interested in this piece, you better call your AD fast, as it is limited to 250 pieces only and will surely sell out fast.

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