Piaget Polo Skeleton white gold diamond bezel

Introducing the Piaget Polo Skeleton in precious metals

The master watchmakers of the famous Swiss watch brand Piaget have come up with something new that combines their knowledge and passion for ultra thin skeletonized watches with their iconic sports watch - the Polo Skeleton in precious metals.

In 2020 the brand introduced the blue and grey dial stainless steel models to the world (shown in the picture below), which were the first modern Piaget Polo watches to feature the brand new fully skeletonized calibre 1200S1. This micro rotor powered skeletonized movement is a result of the brands continuous research and development in the field of ultra thin watches, resulting in an only 2.4mm thin movement. A further result of this development is the achievement of a 44 hour power reserve, which is not considered to be that much by today's standards, but is rarely seen in ultra thin watches, as these usually have a lower than 40 hours power reserve. The movement, which also directly implements the dial, is still available in two colour versions, one being grey the other being blue and both coming with a slate grey micro rotor.
Piaget Polo Skeleton in stainless steel
As mentioned earlier, the two steel models were introduced in 2020, while Piaget is now introducing two additional models encased in precious metals. One of these is shown below and comes in an 18ct rose gold case and blue movement, which contrast beautifully against each other. The other is made of white gold and features a diamond set bezel with a weight of 1.59 cts.
Piaget Polo Skeleton in rose gold
Both versions come on a dark blue alligator strap that matches the color of the movement and offers a more dressy feel than a metal bracelet would do. And while the leather strap results in a more understated look, I personally really enjoy its looks, as it certainly highlights the beautifully finished movement a lot more. No matter which version you choose, the incredible movement will stick out and proudly present the brand's incredible skills in skeletonized ultra thin watchmaking.
Piaget Polo Skeleton in white gold with diamond bezel
Like the steel models, their precious metal counterparts have a 42mm case diameter and are only 6.5mm thick, which is an incredible feature for a sports watch. With the new cases Piaget has lifted the Polo Skeleton to an even more precious level, that many Piaget fans will highly appreciate. My personal favourite is the diamond set white gold version (shown above), which in addition to the skeletonized movement and precious metal case, has a diamond set bezel that additionally highlights Piaget?s abilities in the haute joaillerie sector. While I am usually not a fan of diamonds on a watch, I feel that it just works for the Polo Skeleton and offers a beautiful contrast to the warm rose gold case, allowing both precious metal models to differentiate themselves from the stainless steel models.
Piaget Polo Skeleton in rose gold wristshot
Piaget Polo Skeleton in white gold with diamond bezel wristshot
Priced at CHF 43,100 for the rose gold and CHF 58,500 for the white gold version and available from september 2021, the two watches offer an until now unseen skeletonized ultra thin, haute horology, precious metal sports watch.
All photos by Kristian Haagen.
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