Norqain Freedom 60 GMT Opaline and Forest Green

the Freedom line shows its versatility

When the young and dynamic brand Norqain announced their collaboration with Kenissi in early 2020, we knew that would only be the starting point for a new range of timepieces, positioning the young brand at a higher level with their own Manufacture Caliber NN20/1 as a starting point.
The first GMT model, called the Freedom 60 GMT, followed in October and now two new editions to the model line are announced.
The Freedom 60 GMT Opaline is a robust and colorful piece. It houses the jumping hour caliber NN20/2, and what immediately stands out here is the center GMT ring in Bordeaux and midnight blue. It gives an immediate "Pepsi"-like association, and combined with the white opaline dial and the stainless steel 40 mm case (available on both strap and bracelet) the watch looks fresh and dynamic. As the press pictures indicate, the Freedom 60 GMT Opaline will be appealing for both male and female wearers.
The second new addition to the Freedom family is the 60 GMT Forest Green Limited Edition, and it is amazing how they managed to create a completely different wrist statement by changing case material and dial colors. The combination of the bronze case and striking forest green dial, combined with a black and white center ring makes it completely different watch: Warm, elegant and a bit more formal than the Opaline. The Forest Green comes in a limited edition of 300 pieces.

Looking at both watches, we can see the potential and versatility of the Freedom family. Two very different pieces with the same fundament, the Caliber NN20/2 jumping hour. Expect to see more members joining in the near future.
Together with both novelties Norqain launches a new vegan certified Perlon rubber strap which will become available on both watches. I had the opportunity to check the strap, and it really feels very comfortable on the wrist. The Opaline starts at CHF 3,550 with leather strap, the Forest Green limited edition will start at CHF 3,790. If you are looking for a individualistic choice outside the usual suspects, Norqain should definitely be on your list.
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