Panerai: Making the impossible possible

Panerai and their ambassadors

In our latest article we highlighted the partnership between Panerai and the Luna Rossa sailing team. It is not so much the partnership that counts, but the way Panerai approaches it, making it an integrated part of their brand values. A similar approach can be identified in how the brand embraces their community of fans and collectors (The "Paneristi"), by using their input and passion to create special editions and by the brand ambassadors.
Panerai ambassadors are not celebrities wearing their watches, but far more than that. The ambassadors "breathe" the brand and vice versa. One of the ambassadors is Mike Horn.

Mike Horn is a contemporary hero, and one of the greatest living explorers. He lives by the motto "if your dreams do not scare you, they're not big enough". His explorations of the North Pole made him a larger than life character, and for already 20 years mr. Horn is supported by Panerai. Back in 2001 he won the Laureaus award and after the ceremony mr. Rupert, chairman of the Richemont group, approached him, took off his own Panerai, gave it to Horn and said "From now on, you will only wear Panerai". The rest is history..
A 47mm Submersible "Mike Horn" edition is the latest and probably most intense collaboration. 19 people will have the opportunity to earn this watch. That's right, you will only get this watch if you join Mike Horn on the Svallbard expedition and complete the mission. The PAM985, made of recycled titanium, comes in this 33,000 euro package that is far more than an inscripted limited edition. It delivers you a once in a lifetime experience and will forever make you part of the Paneristi family.
Mike Horn is part of the Paneristi Family, as is Gregorio Paltrinieri, 1500m Olympic Pool champion, Jimmy Chin, Academy award winning filmmaker and National Geographic photographer and Guillaime Nery, Free diving world champion. All heros in their own right, and perfect examples of the constant pushing of boundaries that Panerai does. "The impossible only exists until we find a way to make it possible" would mr. Horn say...
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