The Rolex Sleepers

The available and affordable Rolex alternatives

There are watches and there is Rolex. It's difficult to overestimate the importance of the brand in the industry, and we as fans experience that every day. The usual market rules of supply and demand do not apply here, and if you consider to enter a dealer asking for a 116500 Daytona well, don't.. The sales people will smile politely at you and chances of you becoming the next president of the United States are about as high as walking out with your new purchase on your wrist. Buying Daytonas, Submariners or GMT Masters at retail is something very unrealistic these days, and with waiting lists for getting on a waiting list you will most likely place your order on behalf of your grandkids. Alternatively, the secondary market is willing to deliver any watch to you today in exchange for 2 or 3 times the retail price.

Isn't there any possibility to obtain a new or young pre-owned steel sports Rolex at a reasonable price, that is available soon? Yes there is, if you're willing to think outside of the usual suspects and open yourself for alternatives. And we're going to help.

In the next period of time we will share our thoughts and suggestions on specific "Rolex Sleepers" with you. As a Rolex Sleeper we define a young, pre-owned steel sports Rolex that is relatively affordable and available to have. Think Milgauss, Airking, Oyster Perpetual, Explorer and Datejust. What sizes, what colours, what references, and where to get? Please keep on following us on our channels, check our podcast and more and let's together find the ultimate Rolex Sleepers!

To feed your appetite, we invite you to have a look at some interesting Milgauss sleepers that our partner Watchbox has on offer. Check the link..
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