SevenFriday P3C/04 Red Carbon

Because Every day is a Friday

"Every day is a Friday", says SevenFriday founder Dan Niederer, while wearing a trucker cap with "est. today" embroidered below the company logo.

Niederer - who is actually a trained lawyer - is sitting comfortably in the backseat of his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow from 1970 on his way to open the first SevenFriday retreat in scenic Tuscany. Driving eight hours from the headquarters Zurich to Tuscany, Niederer has all the time in the world to explain what his watches represent. While an over-sized inflatable rubber duck sits on top of the impressive car.

The young Swiss watch company, which was founded in 2012, is not like any other watch company. In fact it is more of a lifestyle brand producing watches, sunglasses and apparel for individuals around the world who live everyday like it's Friday. Hence the name.
Many of their watches (including sunglasses) are sold through their "Spaces" which are not traditional retailer spaces. Instead they are more like cafes or restaurants located in i.e. China, Jakarta, Mumbai, Taipei and Zurich. "We are very much a Swiss Made watch brand", Niederer says. "However movements are from Japan and our watches are assembled in Hong Kong. But our HQ is in Zurich making us Swiss. But I have no need to indicate that anywhere on the watch. Even if I decided to use a Swiss Made movement", Niederer claims, adding that he has complete trust in the quality of his watches.

One of the latest watches that comes from SevenFriday is the 47,6 millimeter P3C/04 Red Carbon with automatic Miyota calibre 82S7. A watch that is certain to set your heart racing and clearly an ode to fast cars, F1 not least, and emphasizing this with i.e. the bezel and arch plate between "12" and "2" made from genuine carbon fiber, the speedometer-inspired chapter ring and the dramatic red strap that is made from competition strength seat belt material.
The combination of the carbon fiber animation ring, red resin highlight, red lacquered screw-down crown and over-sized PVD steel case are all features that sets this new launch apart from traditional watchmaking. However the NFC chip, which is integrated in every SevenFriday watch also makes this watch stand out. The chip allows authentication and registration via an app that was developed by SevenFriday.

Price for the SevenFriday P3C/04 Red Carbon is CHF 1,547.00
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