The Doxa SUB 300T
Slim, colourful and COSC certified

Doxa made headlines when they launched an orange dial divers watch in 1967. Now they are again making headlines with a new Sub 300T in six different and very attractive colours.

If you are an avid diver or if your dad enjoyed a life sub sea level, chances are that you (or your dad) came across an orange dial divers watch from Swiss watch brand Doxa. The orange dial Doxa Sub 300 from 1967 is what the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was for polo players, the Breitling Navitimer was for pilots in the 1950-60's and what the Rolex Daytona was for Paul Newman: a purpose-designed, professional-grade watch.

However the 2020 edition of the legendary diver also offers street credibility even if it is water resistant to 300 meters. Especially in this six-colours-launch.

Pioneering the ocean beds with a unidirectional bezel engraved with the US Navy's no-decompression dive table, the Doxa Sub 300 enjoyed quite the attention with divers of all kind, leisure as well as professionals, and justifies its own long chapters in any horological literature.
Less heft on the wrist, more candy to the eye
These new six editions - well, at least three of them - very much look like a non-limited version of the 50th Anniversary Sub 300 from 2017 (they were presented during Basel World in 2016), which was offered in black, silver and orange and limited to 300 pieces. I can already feel a certain angered heat rising from the homes of the limited edition 50th Anniversary owners. But anyway...

Embracing the past, Doxa decided to slimmer the case height and went from 14 mm to 13.4 mm. Add an extra mm for the domed crystal, but still those six mm's makes quite the difference when wearing the watch. Less heft on the wrist, more candy to the eye.

This reinterpretation of the SUB 300T comes in a choice of six colours. Already known from the Doxa archives (yellow and turquoise can be found in the Sub 200 range): Searambler (silver dial), Caribbean (blue dial), Diving Star (yellow dial), Aquamarine (turquoise dial), Shark Hunter (black dial) and Professional (orange dial).

The automatic 3-hander movement is a chronometer certified workhorse, ETA 2824-2 that secures a very decent daily accuracy of +4/-6 seconds and 38 hours of power reserve.
So... if you are the owner of the LE50th COSC certified edition already, does this colourful launch priced at € 1850 (on rubber and another € 40 for the vintage inspired "Beads of Rice" steel bracelet with wetsuit extension) make you upset? Or if you did not get the anniversary edition in 2017, do you - like me - rush to the Doxa website and try to figure out which colour model you want? On a personal note, I went for the Caribbean on bracelet.
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