Thank you for your interest

In the Frederique Constant x DailyWatch Metaverse event!

Thank you for your interest in the launch event for our new watch! On May 19 you will be invited for an event in Metaverse. What does that mean?  Together with Frederique Constant we host a digital event where we present you the details of our collaboration and, of course, the watch in an exciting environment. Only 50 people can join.

The event will be virtual, meaning that you can simply join from your computer, and will take approximately 15 minutes. Right after the event you will have the opportunity to purchase the watch. More information will follow soon!

So how does this work?

As easy as Google Meet or Zoom!

- Click the link that we send you by mail

- Fill in your name in the field (a nickname is fine too)

- Just move around in the room to see the watch and we will welcome you!

Keyboard buttons for moving around in the Metaverse

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