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Frederique Constant

A curated selection of beautiful watches as chosen by the DailyWatch team. Explore our selection.
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Frederique Constant Watches: Affordable luxury watches

Calling all watch lovers and watch connoisseurs! At DailyWatch, we offer an impressive selection of Frederique Constant watch models, including the iconic Flyback Chronograph watches from Frederique Constant. Already from its establishment in 1988 by Aletta Stas-Bax and Peter Stas, the Frederique Constant brand has had the core mission to make high-end luxury watches that are accessible and affordable.  DailyWatch is now introducing our very own limited edition watch made as a collaboration with the Frederique Constant Chronograph Manufacture. The result? A simple, pure design with a white dial - and now also with a charcoal black dial  - that focuses only on the essentials with no frills.  The swiss-made luxury watches are famous for pushing Flyback Chronographs into the realm of “affordable luxury”. The luxury watch aligns beauty with function. Furthermore, each Frederique Constant model is unique - and will bring all looks a touch of elegance. With these watches you will get a blend of precision and time with stylish designs; a broad appeal made for everyone.   

Frederique Constant: Combining the functional mechanisms of precision and time with luxurious design

   The Flyback Chronograph has been developed and manufactured in-house, piece by piece. Working relentlessly and tirelessly, the excellent manufacturing team and skilled watchmakers behind Frederique Constant have pushed the watch into groundbreaking heights to further perfect the complicated watchmaking mechanism and smooth operations of time.  Because of this, Frederique Constant has created an impressive range of complications and reliable and affordable watches with an emphasis on innovation. Each and every watch is crafted with minute detail and exceptional technical features that will blow you away.   Generally due to the intricate systems, where moving parts and multiple systems correlate and work separately at the same time,  the chronograph watches are expensive. However, with Frederique Constant’s in-house production and company visions, the chronograph watch has never been more accessible yet still acknowledged and loved by watch connoisseurs.  With the new and disruptive Slimline Monolithic Manufacture complication introduced in early 2021 — Frederique Constant continues to prove their technical and innovative superiority with high-speed accuracy - reflecting timeless sophistication and elegance.   

About Frederique Constant watches brand: Part of Swiss watchmaking traditions

  The Frederique Constant brand was established in Switzerland in 1988 by Aletta Bax and Peter Stas - and has since become a well-established brand in the epicentre of the elite Swiss watchmaking and haute horological industry. The brand name Frederique Constant drew inspiration from the grandparents of the founding pair - Frederique Schreiner and Constant Stas, who in the early 20th century created watch dials for the Swiss watches industry.  The chronograph flyback function celebrates the long tradition of Chronograph watches.  The new Frederique Constant Flyback Chronographs draw inspiration from the 1930’s Flyback Chronograph function that revolutionized the way we use watches.  However, the chronograph mechanism in timepieces can be traced all the way back to 1815, when French watchmaker Louis Moinet had a quest to design pocket stopwatches for astronomers. With this, the Frederique Constant watches write themselves into the history of watchmaking - that is still being written.  That is why DailyWatch is beyond honored to be featuring the Frederique Constant luxury watches. A perfect and ideal choice for people who wish to carry a special and unique timepiece that is made for everyday living.   

Frederique Constant: sophisticated watches with a touch of modern

  Our Frederique Constant’s collections are well-known for their classic and refined watches with a timeless ambience. In our selection of watches, we now sell the Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph watch with a white and with a charcoal black dial. Both colors imply a clean and sophisticated ambience. In addition, these dial colors make the Frederique Constant watches easy to style to all kinds of looks.  
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