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Robot Watch Stand Bundle


The Robotoy is the ultimate watch stand for your precious watch. This bundle includes:

  • Robot Watch Stand – Small

  • Robot Watch Stand – Medium

  • Robot Watch Stand – Large


The Robotoy Watch Stand Bundle can be used to display your favorite timepieces. This bundle contains the Small Robot Watch Stand, Medium Robot Watch Stand and Large Robot Watch Stand.

The arms hands & legs of the robot can be changed to a position of your choosing and it will give a different character to the Robotoy.

watch robot


Handmade by Mr. Y.N, Choi

 Here is the Creator’s Philosophy:

As a creator, Mr. Y.N, Choi, has been working on making wholly new creative value products utilizing various plumbing materials and electric wires. He analyzes the standard materials in a way of new perspective and redefines the new value and usage. By doing this process, newly defined materials are assembled to be reborn as new sculptures with totally different shape and structure. Making new value craftworks with compatibly correlated multiple plumbing and electric wire materials has been amusement as well as a work for Mr. Choi.

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