Fake Watches

Two quizzes and Simeon Kremzow-Tennie's opinion about Fake Watches


With the recent incident of famous watch retailer Horology House selling a fake watch, the issue of people wearing fake watches has gained quite some attention again. For most people who own and wear fake products (not only watches, but also clothing etc.) the argument is quite simple - they see the genuine product as too expensive and therefore go out to buy a fake in order to look like they?d own the rare and desirable product.

I understand that only very few are fortunate enough to own all the watches they like and most of us will have to settle for what we can afford, which might not be exactly the timepiece we desire the most. Nonetheless I think that if you buy a fake product you?re making a fool out of yourself in addition to performing a criminal act and here is why: .

Let?s say you have 1000? to spend on a timepiece and you like dive watches. Of course you desire a Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms or Panerai Submersible, as these watches have been proven over time to be the best and most professional mechanical dive watches on the market - some of them even have been used by the military.
The quality isn't there
Now of course you could save money for some time and go for one of the mentioned pieces, or buy something that fits into your budget, or buy a fake watch. The first option will of course be the most rewarding one, as after the time of saving you will be able to buy the watch you really want, but that might not be possible for every one of us.

For some reason you start to look for fake watches as they offer the look you want and might care about the most and eventually pull the trigger on it. Let?s assume you bought a good fake and spent several hundred euros on it to make sure it looks as genuine as possible, but after some time you realise that the quality isn?t there. The movement might not work properly, the water resistance might not be what is says on the dial, the glas got some scratches and so on. And even though your friends might think you bought the real deal, you know that you didn?t.

Saving up for your grail watch

Well, as I mentioned above, there actually is another option. Buy a watch within your budget from a watchmaker who builds watches in your price range at a very good quality. Since you are still looking for a dive watch you will be delighted to find amazing watches from big and small brands alike that will last you a lifetime and accompany you on any adventure.

Talking to some friends who have purchased fakes in the past, but realised all the issues with it, all of them realised it might be better to go for something genuine even if it means searching for a longer period of time and not being able to brag about owning a Rolex or other high end luxury brand. The people who realised their mistakes are now happily owning and collecting other watches or even decided to save up for their grail watch. There are so many amazing watch brands out there that you might even find a watch you desire even more than the more well known watches, you just have to look for it.

Trying to be someone you are not

If you decide to buy another fake watch, just because you did not learn from the first time and still want to the look of the high-end luxury watch to show to friends and colleagues, then nobody can help you.


I only advise you to be careful at airports then, as importing a fake product into another country can result in a huge fine and other punishments depending on the country you?re visiting. Additionally you will always that you?re not wearing a genuine timepiece and most collectors will spot you as not only being a fake watch owner, but also consider you an untrustworthy person for trying to be someone you are not.


A few tips to identify a fake watch:

- Do your research. Find information about your preferred watch online.
- Know the worth of a watch: red flags when a watch is too cheap!
- Is there a serial number, and additional box and papers?
- Look if there are spelling errors on the dial, and if the fonts are correct.
- Do the sub dials function? No? Fake!
- The packaging is not available or looks cheap
- Does the weight feel right? Fake watches are mostly lighter because of inferior materials and movements.
We advise you to buy your watch at an authorised dealer. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a watch, contact the manufacturer.
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