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Patina Tempete Sellier Watch Strap


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The Patina Tempete Sellier buffalo calfskin watch strap is an exceptionally beautiful, premium watch strap with a luxurious and classic aesthetic. The strap your watch deserves which will suit all timepieces and styles. The structure and ergonomic design of the Patina leather watch strap makes it highly resistant but still very comfortable to wear. 

The genuine Leather that we use for our collection of Patina watch straps is made from the hides of buffalo calves. The leather straps undergo a unique tanning process that refines and transforms the material with plenty of vegetable oils. 

This process makes the structure of the leather incredibly durable. Adding Patina to the leather strap will accomplish a naturally aged and vintage look that will make it stand out from other leather watch straps. The process adds elements of elegance and sophistication to the watch strap.

All these elements work to give the leather a naturally and beautifully warm glow with a refined texture that turns into a watch strap that all watch lovers would love to wear.  In addition, the Tempete color – “Storm” in french – delivers a dark and dusky blue shade that adds nuance and elegance to your wrist and watch.  The Tempete characteristics highlight the astonishing depth of the Patina calf leather.  

Moreover, the inner lining is made of anti-allergic calf leather. The result is a beautiful feeling on your wrist that also extends the life of the strap.

The strap is 100% handmade in the EU by highly skilled in-house craftsmen. 

The price of the strap includes VAT and shipping. 

tempete watch strap
patina tempete watch strap

About the strap

  • Length of strap: M – 115/75 mm
  • Material: Patina buffalo calf leather
  • Inner lining: Anti-allergic Calf Leather
  • Produced in: EU
  • Colour: Tempete
  • Buckle: Stainless Steel
  • Stitching: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

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