Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype


The reference 25863ST.OO.A001CU.01 is a prototype of the Royal Oak Offshore T3. Unlike the final production model, this version features screws that are raised slightly above the bezel. One of a select number that made it into production was auctioned during the December 2, 2003 Time to Give Afghanistan auction in Beverly Hills. Of this specific watch the caseback was engraved with the signature of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype
AP 2226 / 2840
Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds


48.00 mm
Stainless Steel



Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore was introduced to the world in 2003.

About Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype

Price range of the Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype: (EUR)8800.00-(EUR)1697150.00. Made of stainless steel, this watch has a clean but modern look. Since the material is stainless steel, the watch has a high resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel also ensures little to no oxidation, discoloration and rust. The material also won’t fade nor chip over time. All of this makes stainless steel an ideal choice for long-lasting jewelry. The shape of this watch can best be described as "avant-garde". As such, the shape challenges our general conceptions of what a watch should look like.

Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype has a closed caseback for a classic and timeless look. A closed caseback also allows for beautiful engravings and inscriptions from the watchmaker — or even your own personalized engravings. Alternatively, you can choose your own engravings for the watch — which can serve as the perfect touch of uniqueness when purchasing a fine watch as a gift for someone special. In this situation, you will need a watch with a closed caseback as opposed to an open caseback. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is water resistant down to 0.00 m.

Dial and caliber specifications

The hands of the watch are sticks, The dial also has a window displaying the current date. The glass on the Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype is made of sapphire, making it exceptionally strong and resistant to scratches. The choice of sapphire simultaneously adds to the elegance and luxury of the watch. This watch is powered by the Audemars Piguet caliber AP 2226 / 2840. The movement inside the Royal Oak OffShore 25863 T3 Prototype is automatic, or self-winding as it is also called. This means you won't have to manually wind the watch, as your natural motions will provide energy to the mainspring powering the movement. In contrast, a manual watch — which is also called a handwound watch — requires you to wind the mainspring by hand at regular intervals. If you want to make sure your watch is always wound, you can take a look at our watch winders in modern design. These watch winders do not only look fashionable, but also function very reliably. Consequently, you get a 2 year warranty on any of our watch winders.

Also known as vibrations per hour (VPH), the Audemars Piguet caliber AP 2226 / 2840 has a frequency of 28800 bph. The movement also has a chronograph.

Description of the movement inside Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Self-winding movement based on JLC ebauche; fitted with module 2840 with cam-operated chronograph. Audemars Piguet was established in 1875, and resides in the city of Le Brassus.