The Watch Case: Find the Perfect Watch Storage Solution for Your Watch Collection

The Watch Case: Find the Perfect Watch Storage Solution for Your Watch Collection

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Whether you are just starting out your watch collection or you have been an avid collector of watches for years, it goes without saying that you need a place to store your watches. By this we don't mean a space in your sock drawer next to your tie clips and other accessories. We mean a space designed to keep your watch collection protected, organized and ready to wear: a watch case or watch box. In this entry, you will learn all about watch cases, watch boxes and the benefits of choosing the best watch storage for your watch collection. You will also find our reviews of the 8 watch cases we consider to be the best watch storage solutions available on the market. Read on and learn all you need to know about watch cases and watch boxes.

Why You Should Choose a Watch Case or Watch Box

No matter the size of your watch collection, your watches deserve to be cared for. An automatic watch is a uniquely personal item. It shows the world what kind of person you are. And the same goes for the way you take care of your watches. Watch storage plays an important role in ensuring the longevity of your watches. Choosing the right storage solution for your watches should therefore be a priority ? regardless of how long you have been a watch collector or how many watches you own. This is why we recommend that you choose a watch case or watch box to store your watches. First and foremost, a watch case or box will help you keep your automatic watches protected. It will prevent them from getting damaged from sliding around at the bottom of a drawer. It will also shield them from dust and dirt, which makes it easier to keep your watches looking pristine. A watch case is also an excellent way to keep your watch collection organized. It eliminates clutter and gives you a designated place to keep your watches when you are not wearing them. This prevents you from accidentally misplacing your watches. After all, with a watch case there?s only one place your watches could be. A watch box or watch case also gives you a way to display your watch collection in an aesthetically pleasing way. For this purpose, some watch boxes also come with a see-through glass top. This way, you don?t have to keep your watch collection hidden away in a drawer: the watch box allows you to see and enjoy your watches every day. And finally ? and perhaps most importantly ? a watch case gives you a practical way to transport your watches when traveling. The watch case fits smoothly into your suitcase and keeps your watches neatly in place during your journey. The case keeps your collection protected and allows you to bring different watch options with you. Whether you?re participating in meetings, going out to dinner or going for a run, you will always have the right watch on hand.

Luxury Watch Box and Watch Case Reviews

When you have decided that a watch case or watch box is the right watch storage solution for your collection, the next step is to find the one that best fits your requirements and preferences. There are many kinds of watch cases and watch boxes for men available. To help you navigate the market, we have compiled a list of the 8 watch cases we consider to be the best currently available on the market. On our list, you will find a variety of styles and price points. This allows you to choose the design that best suits both your personal requirements, style preferences and budget.

The 8 Best Watch Cases and Watch Boxes for Men on the Market

Zürich Four Grained Leather Watch Case

Photos: A Collected Man If you are looking for a sophisticated watch case with good capacity, the Zürich Four Taupe Grained Leather Case from A Collected Man could be a good choice for you. This watch case is made from high quality softly grained calfskin leather, giving the design a luxurious and modern appeal. Combined with the supple, light gray Alcantara lining, the taupe leather gives the case an elegant, timeless air that will pair well with every watch in your collection. The cushioned recesses for the watches are designed with a lowered compartment for the watch strap as well as a stepped system for the watch case and crown. This way, your watches will lie neatly flat within the leather case. The two-part interior is separated by a divider with a snap closure. This ensures that the watches in the upper compartment are held securely in place ? a particularly practical feature for travel purposes. Holding up to four watches, the Zürich case is a good choice if you are going on a slightly longer trip and want to bring along a couple of extra watch options in addition to those you wear most. At $529, this watch case is not the most affordable option on this list. However, for a four-watch capacity case of this quality, the Zürich is very reasonably priced.

Valletta Two Pouch

Photos: A Collected Man If you?re going on a shorter trip and only need to bring a couple of watches with you, the Valletta Pouch from A Collected Man is the perfect choice. This watch case will hold your two favourite watches and keep them securely in place during your trip. The slim design of this watch case makes it a versatile travel accessory that will easily fit into your luggage?regardless of the size of your suitcase. This watch case is made from soft, luxurious nubuck leather in a warm light tan color that suits the nubuck texture beautifully. The cream Alcantara lining perfectly complements the exterior and allows your watches to stand out nicely against the light interior. The light color also has the advantage of being easy to see amongst the other items in your suitcase, allowing you to locate your leather watch case easily when you unpack your things. The $282 price tag may seem a little steep, but for such a handy, high quality watch case we think it well worth the cost.

Watch Case for Four Watches in Black ? Best Value for Money

Photos: Watch case for four watches. For all your travel needs, DailyWatch brings you the Watch Case for Four Watches. This leather watch case is handmade from pure, genuine saffiano leather. The exterior of the watch case is a sophisticated and timeless black contrasted exquisitely by the warm terracotta suede interior. The design of this watch case is slimmer than most, making it the ideal travel companion to carry the most prized watches in your collection. Each watch slot has its own suede strap to keep the watch securely in place during your travels. The two compartments are separated by a divider with a snap closure, ensuring that your watches do not cause damage to each other inside the case. The watch case opens and closes with a zipper. This gives you easy access to your watches and allows the two sides of the case to fit neatly together. Simultaneously, the zip closure prevents dirt and dust from getting into the watch case. This ensures that your watches are always in pristine condition and ready to wear when you need them. Whether for travel or watch storage at home, this slender leather case will fit perfectly wherever you want to keep it. And at the strong price point of $217, this four-watch case is easily one of the best value for money items on this list.

The Watchbox

Photos: August Sandgren If you are looking for a way to display your favourite watches at home, the Watchbox by August Sandgren is the perfect watch storage solution for you. The Watchbox is a collaboration between August Sandgren and watch connoisseur Kristian Haagen. This makes the Watchbox a watch storage solution by collectors for collectors?and this shows in every detail of this piece. This luxury watch box unites simplicity and quality for a sleek, elegant design. The light brown leather exterior and the dark olive nubuck interior complement each other beautifully, the different textures adding an element of sophisticated design to the piece. The Watchbox will hold up to three of your favourite watches. Though it is not as slim as the leather watch cases on this list, the watch box is also designed with travel in mind. The box is sturdy and will keep your timepieces protected from impact. The soft, cushioned interior will keep your watches securely in place no matter where you are going. And simultaneously, the elegant design gives you the option to display your watches beautifully wherever you are staying. Some watch boxes are designed with magnetic closure. However, August Sandgren?s Watchbox is designed with a snap closure lid to ensure that no magnets will interfere with the mechanical movements of the watches you keep within. Priced at $406, this watch box is by no means the most budget friendly watch storage solution on this list. It is also not quite as practical for travel as the slimmer zip closure cases on the market. However, we think the high quality and the beauty of this design are worth every penny.

Watch Case for Four Watches in Navy Blue ? Best Value for Money

Photos: Watch Case for Four Watches. DailyWatch specializes in finely crafted, high quality watch accessories at strong price points, and the Watch Case for Four Watches in Navy Blue is no exception. Made from high quality genuine saffiano leather, his watch case is the perfect storage solution to keep up to four of your most prized watches safe during your travels. The contrast between the navy blue leather exterior and the soft beige suede interior gives this watch case an air of sophistication that truly elevates this design. The suede strap within each individual indentation ensures that every watch you keep in this case is held neatly in place. The two sections of this travel case are separated by a suede divider. This keeps the contents of the case organized and prevents your timepieces from getting scratched or dented while stored within this watch case. The beautiful design of this case does not take away from its functionality. Slimmer than most watch cases on the market, this case is crafted to fit smoothly into your luggage no matter where you are going. The zip closure provides easy access to your watches and prevents dirt and dust from getting into the case, keeping your watches in perfect condition and ready to wear at a moment?s notice. And at the extremely affordable price of $217, this watch case is a must for anyone looking to bring a selection of their favourite timepieces along on their travels.

Moulded Leather Watch Case for Six Watches

Photos: HODINKEE Shop For those of you who are going on a longer trip?or those of you who have a sizable watch collection and simply can?t decide which pieces to bring ? HODINKEE brings you the perfect travel solution. The Dark Brown Moulded Oak-Tanned Leather Watch Case is crafted with travel in mind. The moulding technique used in the crafting of this watch case eliminates the need for hardeners like wood or plastic. Instead, the beautiful dark brown leather exterior is hardened through moulding to provide the perfect protection for your watches. This leaves room to maximize use of the beautiful black suede interior of the case, allowing you to carry up to six of your favourite watches with you. The interior of the case is divided into two compartments which are separated by a suede divider. Each compartment has three watch-shaped indentations with cushioned lining to best protect your watches. To further ensure the safety of your timepieces, the indentations also have their own individual suede straps with snap closure to secure around the watch strap or bracelet. This keeps your watches in place and prevents them from sliding around and causing damage to one another. This luxury watch case is priced at $750 ? a hefty price tag. However, for its high quality and capacity, and for the unique moulding technology behind it, this case is worth the investment.

Patina Leather Zipper Watch Case

Photos: Bosphorus Leather For those of you who appreciate a statement piece, Bosphorus Leather brings you the Patina Leather Zipper Watch Case. Holding up to four of your watches, this watch case is an excellent travel option. The alligator finish leather exterior gives this handcrafted, hand-dyed watch case a unique aesthetic edge. To put it simply, this case is cool. But it?s not just cool: it has a level of sophisticated style that makes it stand out without looking excessive or garish. The warm, dark brown patina of the exterior carries over to the suede interior of the case?a beautiful blend of textures that keeps your timepieces living in cushioned luxury. Simultaneously, the case is slim and practical, fitting neatly into your luggage whenever you?re on the go. The four sockets on the interior will each hold one watch secured with a suede strap. To keep your watches safely in place, the two sides of the watch case are separated by a suede divider. The suede used on the interior of this case is natural and velvety: exactly the high quality that your favourite timepieces deserve. Currently available for $332, this watch case sits comfortably at the higher end of the price range on this list. But if you?re looking for a true statement piece that does not compromise on quality or functionality, the Patina Leather Zipper Watch Case is the way to go.

Brown Leather Case for Two Watches

Photos: HODINKEE Shop If you are looking for a luxurious storage solution for shorter trips, the HODINKEE Brown Leather Case is for you. This watch case will keep up to two of your favourite timepieces safe and protected during your trip. The smooth, chocolate brown leather exterior gives this watch case a classic and elegant look. Simultaneously, the slide closure of the case adds a uniquely modern and seamless air to this piece. The two pieces of which this case is composed fit tightly together to keep your watches securely in place. The smooth and slim design of the watch case makes this piece particularly suitable for travel, allowing it to fit into your luggage without issue. The interior of the case features a top layer of the same luxurious brown leather as the exterior. The two watch indentations are lined with soft suede, ensuring that your watches are perfectly cushioned within. The $390 price tag may dissuade some of you from choosing this piece. For its two-watch capacity, this leather case certainly isn?t affordable. But the fine quality and the attention to detail that went into the creation of this case more than make up for the hefty price tag.

Other watch accessories

At DailyWatch we have a wide selection of different watch accessories for travel and storage. In addition to the watch boxes and cases you'll find both watch rolls, watch stands and watch winders on the webshop - and if you want to give your watch a new look, have a look a our high-quality watch straps.

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