SwissKubik Masterbox – Black Leather Duo
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SwissKubik Masterbox - Black Leather Duo

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The Masterbox Black leather Duo winder features a modern design to hold two of your watches, and always keeping them fully wound for accurate time. This Watch Winder operates silently and is powered by two standard C-type batteries. Perfect way to display your watches in an elegant way at home

Thanks to their cubic shapes, SwissKubik watch winders can be joined and multiplied almost infinitely.


100% Swiss Know-How

Handmade in Switzerland

Each Watch Winder is assembled by hand in Switzerland. So when you have one or more SwissKubik watch winders in your home, you can be sure that you own a quality object to showcase your watch or watches.

High-Technology Watch Winder

Each Watch Winder is a perfect ten-centimeters cube which integrates ultra-sophisticated technology.

With the use of 100% Swiss-made mechanisms, the watch winders are completely autonomous for three years. Two simple 1.5 volt alkaline batteries are enough to ensure their operation.

Thanks to the attention to detail that characterises the SwissKubik brand, your watch will automatically position itself vertically when the watch winder is paused.