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The Watch Stand - White 2.0

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  • Unique Stone

  • Handcrafted In Europe

  • Perfect for displaying your timepiece


A beautiful and elegant way to display your timepiece when not wearing them. You can place this watch stand at your office desk, night stand or any other place at home.

The Watch Stand 2.0 features a new design with a split offset steel rod set within the signature solid marble bases.

This operates as the anchor for the calfskin leather-wrapped cushion that is set onto the steel rod using two large screws and acts as the perfect resting place for your timepiece. 

Handmade in Europe with the finest Italian leather.

Please note this product is made using natural stones. This result in every piece coming with a unique stone pattern.

Marble base plate:

White Carrara marble
1,9cm thick
4x soft pads underneath

Italian calfskin leather
9cm wide
7cm long
2cm thick

Total height: 14cm

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