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Canvas Black Watch Strap
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Canvas Beige Watch Strap
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Baranil Black Watch Strap
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Baranil Cognac Watch Strap
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Baranil Green Rally Watch Strap
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Baranil Gold Watch Strap
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Canvas Dark Blue Watch Strap
Sale price£79.00

Quality watch straps

At DailyWatch you can find the best selection of watch straps in 18 mm or 20 mm strap lug width. Allhand-made in Belgium. We offer a collection of both rubber and leather wrist straps made for everyday luxury. 

Wide collection of watch straps from DailyWatch

In our wide collection of watch straps you can find the wrist band that suits your needs and style. We have everything ranging in colors, materials, and sizes.

Whether you are looking for watch bands for an active livelihood or for a night out. Once you have found the watch strap for you - it is easy to attach to your watch with the right kind of tools.

The watch straps fit almost every watch. And it also works as a great gift idea for your beloved. In our assortment of watch straps you can find many materials and styles, such as:

- Canvas

- Baranil

- Patina

We know that the right kind of watch strap can make your watch shine!  That is why we offer only the best watch bands for you. 

Different watch strap styles 

The right watch strap can give your watch a particular look.  Are you looking for watch straps for daily use, for sports activities, or for exclusive occasions?

A watch strap is an easy and effortless way to customize and complement your appearance and style - and the strap can be changed to suit every mood, season, occasions, and activities!

Typically these straps are offered when looking for new straps:

- Nato straps

- Perlon straps

- Bracelet/metal watch straps

- Woven/mesh bracelets

- Leather straps

- Rubber straps

You can easily build up a collection of different watch straps. This will make it easy for you to pick and choose what style you want for your watch.

If you are doing something active you can pick a rubber watch strap and change it to a leather strap if you are going out in the evening. It’s very easy to change with a watch strap tool.  

Leather watch straps

A leather watch strap brings your watch a more traditional and classic touch. With a leather strap for your watch you can enhance an elegant look.

Leather is a timeless material that adds sophistication to your watch experience.

Perfect for a going-out look, the leather watch band could be the cherry on top of the cake.  We also have a selection of sustainable faux leather straps in high quality. 

Quality perlon watch straps

The perlon watch band offers a light material that is perfect for hot summer days and activities outside. A sturdy durability that still enhances the best and most elegant features of your watch.

Rubber watch straps

A rubber watch fits an active lifestyle - but still offers a modern look to your watch.

If you’re looking for an extremely durable watch strap - you should consider either a rubber watch strap! Then you don’t need to worry about ruining your watch band. When you have chosen the perfect watch strap for you - why not explore some other accessories to make your watch shine even more?

At DailyWatch we have a selection of watch boxes, watch rolls, and watch cases. With these, you can put your watch on the pedestal it deserves - and also preserve and protect it year after year.