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Store your watches with proper protection

When traveling, it’s a risk having your watches freely roaming around your suitcase. Even when they haven’t left home, it’s nice to know that your watches are stored away safely and not just lying around for dogs, cats or toddlers to have their way with them. 

Quality watches deserve proper protection - on the go as well as in the comfort of your own home. With a watch storage, you can preserve your watches in a soft, cushioned environment wrapped in high-quality, genuine leather.

Our luxury watch storages come in many different designs, and regardless of your personal taste and how many watches you need stored, our selection should definitely contain a watch storage of your liking.

Watch storages made for traveling

If you’re looking for a watch storage specifically designed for traveling, one of our Travel Rolls or Travel Watch Rolls should make a great choice. Both models are handmade from genuine leather and purposefully made for protecting your watches during traveling.

For an enhanced interior protection, the Travel Watch Rolls are lined with soft velvet and equipped with removable cushions. Our watch storages for traveling can hold one, two, three or four watches.

High capacity watch storages

Are you specifically looking for a watch storage able to store a large capacity? If so, you can choose between one of our biggest watch cases able to hold six watches, but if you’re looking to max out on capacity, our watch boxes will let you store up to eight watches in a single unit.

Watch cases for six watches available:

Genuine black leather

Genuine navy blue saffiano leather

Watch boxes for eight watches available:

Camo suede leather

Forest green suede leather

Nevada desert beige saffiano leather

Warranty on all products and satisfaction guarantee

At DailyWatch, we offer a 24 month warranty on all products and free express shipping worldwide. Additionally, in case of any discontent regarding your purchase, we insist on a 100% satisfaction rate or money back guarantee as well as 45 days free return.

Looking for anything else?

Besides watch storages, there are other ways to store your watches in a more presenting manner, i.e. watch mats, watch trays and watch stands.

Additionally, we also have a category devoted to our bestsellers, which, as you will see, contains a bit of everything - from subtle watch mats to highly creative robot watch stands.

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