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Present and preserve your prized possessions

Handsome accessories don’t come cheap, and to most of us, they hold great personal value. A watch can be a symbol of our greatest accomplishments and a continuous source of inspiration to put in the hard yards needed to achieve success.

Here at DailyWatch, we offer high-quality watch trays made from luxurious materials in different shapes and sizes. Whether you need a watch tray for quick drop-offs or long-term decorative features, if not both, our assortment of luxurious watch trays should peak your interest.

Our selection of watch trays

In our selection of watch trays, you will find a number of different options to choose from. Depending on your taste and preferences, our watch trays are handcrafted from classic oak, elegant leather and delicate velvet providing different mixes of top-notch materials and classy color combinations.

Watch trays

Our standard watch trays are designed to provide a both safe and chic drop-off location for your watch, wallet, keys etc. They consist of leather on both sides with buttons in each corner, giving them an additional stylish touch as well as making them easy to store during travel. In our assortment of watch trays, you can choose between:

Genuine black leather with green velvet interior

Genuine navy blue leather with soft beige leather interior

Genuine dark brown leather with soft navy blue leather interior

Genuine black leather with black interior

Flat watch trays

Our flat watch trays grant you a perfectly elegant display for your collection of watches as well as eyeglasses, phones, headphones, car keys or other types of valuable gadgets and accessories. Our flat watch trays consist of FSC® certified oak with top-quality hardwax-oil and shock-absorbing SAVANNE® leather from Sørensen Leather. Choose between:

Flat oak

Dark flat oak

Flat oak cognac

The Valet by Morelund

For a minimalistic and yet exquisite display for your precious possessions, the Valet by Morelund makes a subtle decoration suitable for any indoor environment. Like our flat watch trays, the Valet consists of FSC® certified oak with hardwax-oil and SAVANNE® leather, but with an additional 4.2 cm boundary.

Warranty on all products and satisfaction guarantee

At DailyWatch, we offer a 24 month warranty on all products and free express shipping worldwide. Additionally, in case of any discontent regarding your purchase, we insist on a 100% satisfaction rate or money back guarantee as well as 45 days free return.

Looking for anything else?

Besides watch trays, we also offer watch mats designed for presenting a single watch. By the way, have you considered acquiring a watch storage to protect your watches during travel?

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