Present and preserve your watch

While some watches primarily fulfill practical purposes, others can hold great personal value.

As an accessory, a watch can be a symbol of our greatest achievements and a continuous source of motivation to keep putting in the hard yards needed for success.

Accordingly, there’s nothing wrong with taking extra good care of your watch, and instead of hiding it away in a drawer while you’re not wearing it, why not present it in a more deserving way?

Here at DailyWatch, we offer luxurious watch mats made from high-quality materials in different fashionable combinations. Whether you’re looking for a watch mat intended for quick drop-offs or long-term decorative features, if not both, our assortment of watch mats should peak your interest.

Our selection of watch mats

Our selection of watch mats consists of a number of exquisite options to pick between. The perfect watch mat depends on your personal taste and preferences, and whether you prefer oak or aluminum, the Morelund watch mats always provide exquisite quality and a subtle yet stylish look.

The core

Common for all Morelund watch mats, they all contain a core of shock-absorbing pad coated with DUNES® leather from Sørensen Leather. Besides being an exclusive Aniline leather, this fabric provides a rustic look with a velvety tactile touch.

Choose between:




The frame

The minimalistic and yet fashionable frames come in both oak and aluminum, and whether you prefer a natural or industrial look, we have a number of options to choose from. For the frames, Morelund uses FSC® certified oak wood coated with the best hardwax-oil and anodized aluminum providing a protective and dirt-repellent surface.

Choose between:

Dark oak

White oak

Silver aluminum

Black aluminum

Warranty on all products and satisfaction guarantee

At DailyWatch, we offer a 24 month warranty on all products and free express shipping worldwide. Additionally, in case of any discontent regarding your purchase, we insist on a 100% satisfaction rate or money back guarantee as well as 45 days free return.

Looking for anything else?

Besides watch mats, we also have watch trays for displaying larger collections. By the way, have you considered acquiring a watch storage to protect your watch during travel?

Additionally, we also have a category devoted to our bestsellers, which, as you will see, contains a bit of everything - from subtle watch mats to highly creative robot watch stands.

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